Artist Statement

I enjoy finding the beauty in ready made objects around us. 
I love to discover and explore the characteristics each everyday object possesses and to make the viewer delve deeper and to not over-look the norm. 

Recently my work has been concerned with collections of objects, how they work together, and what makes them a collection. 
I am a collector, I love to find objects and ask you to look at them in a way that they haven't been viewed before.

Ready made is a term from 1915 of a commonplace prefabricated object isolated from its functional context and elevated to the status of art by the mere act of an artist’s selection. 
I like to use objects from all aspects of life, including products of modern mass production, for them to be presented on its own without mediation.
My choice of a ready-made should be governed not by the beauty of the object but by my indifference towards it; the objects are always selected by chance methods, for example finding an object by luck; catching my eye.