Friday, 12 November 2010


Last night, the lovely Natalia, Layne and her Ryan and I went to see the new performance called Underglass in Bristol at The Old Vic
Under Glass is a new performance piece by the Clod Ensemble, directed by Suzy Willson, composed by Paul Clark. It is a cabaret of performance pieces, which exist within life-size glass cabinets or jars. Each piece features a different performer (who may be a dancer, a performance artist or an actor), a different original musical score and a distinct visual environment and movement language. The glass containers themselves are specially commissioned pieces, made-to-measure for each performer and each performance space. Examining ideas of claustrophobia and belonging, Under Glass is an exploration of how we can live within our limits.


My feet were killing me the whole time and desperately wanted to sit down but once I had forgot about the foot pain, I realised the performace was very eerie.
We were led into a pitch black room, when the lights started to flash on and off over a lady in a jar. With every flash she changed position, which was a short period of time so was very skillful.
Overall it was a very 'scary and creepy' performance, with dramatic music to add to the effect.

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