Monday, 22 November 2010

So it's birthday time and crit time

Today was the first and only Critique of the 3rd year, which I think personally is way to early in the year but anyway.
As I mentioned before I was thinking about recreating a new version of the piece I made at Dartmouth, with the tickets on the wall and floor.
I think it worked well as it did before, however I still had a large number of tickets left but left like I couldn't expand it anymore in case of the other works around. 

space before installation

However this did help me into thinking further into this idea; as of the vast amount left over, when the crit has been done and finished I plan to layout the tickets in a different way....not gunna give anything away just yet!

Anyway back to this piece, as I was working with a different space, I can across different problems, that I enjoyed working with but at the same time would rather didn't have to deal with.
The space I occupy is the corner of the studio, where 2/3 of the way up the wall is a large boxed in cables that run right around the room, and on one of the walls, there were two sets of plug sockets. Therefore instead of ignoring them, I made the tickets climb up and over them, bend around them; therefore the final piece isn't just flat against the wall.

I'm not entirely sure what I wish to portray with this piece, but it is linked to my collection theme; large amount of train tickets. (given 90% them aren't mine). and I like this piece just as much finished as when I'm creating it. Apart from how the tickets join the next one along and the fact that they will be on the wall and floor, I have no plans for this piece; it is all entirely spur of the moment. Each ticket is placed in the direction I feel it should be at the second in time, and I never go back and change the pattern, I might however go back and add more to make the pattern more busy, if I feel it is too empty, but once it is placed, it isnt moved.

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