Thursday, 25 November 2010

Critque feedback.

So if I'm honest it the first crit I've had in a long time, and it helped me loads. It was a small group of 5 and tutor Natasha.

The first question I was asked was whether I have considered the idea of 'ridiculous collections.'
 Am I becoming a mad hoarder?
Personally? No, not yet anyway. I don't own nearly as much junk as I desire. Especially from moving 4 times in last few years you tend to have to chose whether that ornament of a cat is really worth the space.

First response was the connection with Chris Wool's work.

I think that the link was made because of his use of continuous lines. From a distance the tickets simply morphed into a pattern, but up close the craziness of all the tickets became obvious. They function formally together with the two colours. They described my work as being like an infestation because of it being in the corner and expanding out. Like a plant, or the marks dead ivy leaves on a building, is it going to stop?

For me it is important to occupy the space and completely take it over, and just as much they construction of the piece, the idea of continuously repeating the action of laying the ticket out is just as important as the outcome.

I was asked whether the colours were important to me..
but I don't really feel like they are relevant here. I didn't pick to use these two colour; orange and green, they were just the colour the train tickets were. I do however feel that if I was constructing this piece without my collection, and maybe with pieces of black card for example, the power of the piece wouldn't be as big.

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