Thursday, 28 October 2010


Planes 2009

household items, string

This was the first piece I made coming back to uni. I found the wooden table minus it's table top and really wanted to experiment without colour.

Filling a space.

Using a table as a starting point I removed it from its function by discarding the table top and filled the empty pace with a net of string that weaved in and out of holes I has drilled into the table. I followed this theme onto the picture frames but differed slightly on at the ladder- I removed a number of the rigs them filled the large gaps with string creating new flat surfaces

Removed 2009

string, paint

This is the string cut from the metal table. It was the only plane that I painted, therefore it kept its shape when removed from the table. I would it looked really surreal apart from its frame.

Dominoes 2009Untitled 2009Tapestry 2009This was creating many different components of different shapes and sizes but all fitting together to make one large square, I wanted to keep the components as individuals therefore when installing my piece I nailed them all separately to the wall in the right places.

wood, paint

This was for an outdoor exhibition at the American Museum in Bath.

I chose wood because it is a material that isn’t greatly affected by the elements such as rain. I collected lots of off-cuts of different kinds of wood and cut them down to equal shapes- ranging in three different sizes.

They start at the top of the slope with the larger pieces going down smaller and smaller in till reaching the bottom of the slope. The idea of dominoes was because of the way I had arranged them on the site; being left there for four weeks to be affected by the elements. They could then fall down and knock the next one along a lot like a game of dominoes.

plastic shapes, cable ties, nails

coloured wool, nails

Untitled 2008
Untitled 2009

plastic stands, coloured materials, nails

Isolation 2008

wood, paint, nails

When starting Uni I was very influenced by colour, not necessarily the meaning behind them but how they look along side each other. Here for I wanted to create something from found objects and not having an idea itself as a starting point.On my route home I found a pile of used wood and decided to use them. I didn’t want to manipulate or change their form in anyway so I didn’t alter the shape or the length and kept the rough textures surfaces the same.All I did to the wood in the end was paint them in block colours. I wanted to create this piece quickly without thinking it through too much to see what the outcome would be. When painting the wood I ended up with pairs and only the one yellow piece. I decided to arrange them all nailed together with the yellow piece left alone.

cardboard, brown tape

I wanted to recreate something myself. Having no idea where to start I didn’t want to just make a random object. After brainstorming for a while I came to the conclusion of recreating the space where I spend most time thinking about my art. Here I have only made the chair and lamp. Being made from cardboard it focuses completely on the form and textures I have created. I feel that this also creates a slightly cartoony theme. As again the object may look real and is life size but are completely useless.

Untitled 2009

coloured PVC plastic, nails

Again I was using found objects but here they were already individual colours. Because the vinyl plastic had been stored rolled up, when untied and left to hang they naturally curled up at the ends. I really liked this effect and thought that it was visually interesting because of the different ways that the vinyl formed when hung.


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